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Dean Antczak


Flavor is just the beginning.

LifeWise is a flavor modification company with more than 30 years of working in the food and beverage industry. We have humble beginnings starting in the kitchen of our founder, Rick Share, by developing one of the first MSG replacers.

Since then, we have prided ourselves on natural flavor solutions that help our customers remove their flavor pain points. Our total focus is flavor modification. We know exactly what our opportunities are, and we concentrate solely in our field of expertise.

Being a small company, we can turn on a dime and service our customers quickly and on point. What makes LifeWise unique is we have complete freedom to innovate within our market parameters to ensure that our products will be a perfect fit for our customers. We’re innovative and always looking at upcoming trends in the food and beverage industry. Because of the close focus on our work, we’re able to delve deep into the flavor issues formulators are facing in today’s market.

At LifeWise you will connect with a human being in a meaningful way, not a machine. We’re close to our customers, and they have come to expect immediate attention when needed. Our employees are empowered to make the right decision that fits our customer needs. We take pride in our work, give back to the community we live in, and our team works hard to live a natural, healthy lifestyle while being good to the planet.

If there is every anything you need from LifeWise, please let us know. We would love to have you join our LifeWise family!

All the best!

Dean Antczak

LifeWise Ingredients, LLC

3450 N 126th Street, Suite D
Brookfield, WI 53005 USA
T: 262.788.9141
F: 262.788.9143
E: info@lifewise1.com

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We team with our customers to bring solutions!

We team with our customers to bring solutions!