Our Community

At LifeWise, there is nothing more important to us than supporting our community.

It is our goal to impact people’s lives in a positive way. It allows us to feel united with our community.

True joy comes from helping one another, supporting those in need, and preserving our environment.

Our future depends on it.

We support the following organizations at LifeWise:

Local Food banks

Make A Wish Foundation

Fondy Farmers

Milwaukee Rescue Mission

Local Police Department

Waukesha Parade donation

Local high school team fundraising efforts

Local Highschool sports teams and booster clubs

Alzheimers Foundation

Chicago Section IFT (CSIFT)- Student Scholarship Outing

Wisconsin Section IFT- Student Scholarship Outings

Here are some of the ways we help to take care of the environment

Print Less

and use digital communications more to save trees

Turn down the heat

when we are not in the office to reduce our carbon footprint

Turn lights off

when we’re not in rooms throughout the office.

Drink water from a cooler

rather than plastic bottles.


Our employees enjoy a flexible work-from-home environment that results in reduced energy usage in the office, and the gasoline used to get to and from work

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